Things that cement industry practitioners should know in the past 70 years


Updated Tue, 22 Oct 2019 14:40:04 GMT

  New China has passed through 70-year ups and downs since 1949. Cement, as a basic building material, has witnessed and participated in China’s 70-year development. Meanwhile, cement industry has been turning backwardness and weakness into advancement and strength. During 70 years, new technologies has taken roots in domestic cement industry and new records has been created in cement industry.

  Which moments will be remembered? Which projects has played a crucial role in the industry’s development? When were new technologies applied in cement industry? Combing with A History of Cement in China and abundant historical materials during the recent 20 years from, the editor selected several critical moments and projects. By the way, supplements from cement industry practitioners are welcomed.

  The first “Three-self” cement factory in China

  “Three-self” cement factory, which was the first large and medium-sized cement factory that adopted home-built equipment, self-design and self-installation. The planning began in 1958, while it formally started in 1959 and put into operation until 1967. The designed production capacity was 0.5 million tons per year. The establishment of Xiangxiang Cement Factory has created the history that China can build large and medium-sized cement factory by its own strength. Besides, it marked a milestone that China has built a factory of wet process rotary kiln by adopting home-built equipment for the first time.

  China firstly built a factory of new dry process precalcining rotary kiln through adopting home-built equipment

  Jiangxi Cement Factory’s production line of precalcining clinker rotary kiln was built in April, 1984 and put into operation in February, 1986, which was the first 2000 t/d production line of new dry process precalcining clinker rotary kiln through adopting self-design and home-built equipment. it marked a milestone in the development history of Chinese cement technology. Since then, Chinese cement technology entered the new era of modern new dry process precalcining rotary kiln rapidly.

  China’s first new dry process cement production line

  In the 1980s, Jidong Cement Co., Ltd, who was known as the “bellwether of Chinese cement industry” and “cradle of Chinese new dry process cement industry”, was the first to introduce the full set of new dry process cement production line that with the clinker capacity of 40 million tons per day, which was the most advanced technology in the world. Moreover, it successfully managed the first full set of the introduced production technology of modern new dry process. Furthermore, it was the first to build the domestic demonstration line of new dry process cement that with the clinker capacity of 40 million tons per day, and it filled the gaps of home-built, self-design and self-installation in the modern new dry process cement production line that with the clinker capacity of 40 million tons per day.

  China’s first 5000 t/d domestic production line with low investment

  After the success in building the 2000 t/d new dry clinker production line with low investment, Conch Group proposed to set up a 5000 t/d domestic production line of new dry process precalcining clinker rotary kiln with low investment in 2000, and it was built up respectively in Chizhou and Tongling in the beginning of 2002. The breakthrough of that technology has stimulated the development of 5000 t/d clinker production line. Moreover, it was a historic milestone marked a new level to China’s new dry process technology. Besides, the pace of modernization in cement industry has been enormously accelerated.

  China’s first 10000 t/d cement production line

  In June 2004, China’s first 1000 t/d cement clinker production line which was designed and built by Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd, was put into operation successfully in Conch Group ‘s Tonglin production base. It marked that China’s new dry process technology has rivalled the world advanced level. Also, it was a milestone in Chinese cement history. The production line only took 18 months from start to finish, which was shorten nearly 1 year, compared with the construction period in similar overseas factories.

  China’s first low temperature waste heat power generation project

  In 1998, Ningguo Cement Factory adopted the equipment that provided by TYO and set up the first low temperature waste heat power generator for cement kiln in 4000 t/d production line of new dry process clinker successfully. Since then, China’s relevant departments successively proceeded with domestic development of low temperature waste heat power generator for cement kiln. From 2004, the State Council has gradually made several polices to encourage environmental-protection and energy-saving business. Then, measures of temperature waste heat power generation for cement kiln were included in the correlative regulations. And the application of that technology has developed rapidly after 2005.

  China’s first cement rotary kiln that co-processing domestic waste

  In October 2010, China’s first operating line for processing 600 t/d production waste was set up in the 5000 t/d clinker production line in Tongling Cement Factory of Conch Group. After the success of Conch Cement, enterprises like Huaxin Cement, Sinoma International built up cement rotary kilns that co-processing domestic waste successively. In October 1995, the 0.1 million t/y operating line for processing the urban industrial’s dangerous wastes put into operation successfully, which was built by the years’ cooperation of Beijing Cement Factory of BBMG Group and Tianjin Cement Design & Research Institute (TCDRI). In August 2009, the 500 t/d sludge operating line was built up, which was the joint effort by Guangzhou Yuebao Cement Co., Ltd and TCDRI.

  Chinese Cement Price Index (CEMPI) was officially published

  The launch ceremony of CEMPI was held on April 28, 2014. CEMPI is the only national index in cement industry, which accurately reflects the price trend and situation change of Chinese cement industry and lays the foundation for the development of future trading and spot trading of Chinese cement. “Cement Index” prior to PPI. It is an important basis for interested parties to grasp the regularity, to guide pricing and to make decisions.

  After the reorganization of CNBM and SINOMA, the new group became the world leader in the field of building materials

  On August 26, 2016, the conference for the reorganization of China Building Material Group Co., ltd and Sinoma Group Co., Ltd was held in Beijing. Hence, China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd was formally established and became the largest comprehensive building material group at that time. Its output of cement clinker, commercial concrete, plasterboard and glass fiber and wind-power blades reached 0.53 billion tons, 0.43 billion m?, 2 billion square meters , 1.78 million tons and 16GW respectively, which all ranked first in the world. It was the world leader in the field of building materials. Besides, it ranked first in the fields of international cement engineering market and international cogeneration market.

  Song Zhiping was elected the president of World Cement Association

  On local time December 11-12, 2017, WCA held its founding congress in London, England. 59 original cement enterprises that came from 33 countries attended the meeting and elected the executive committee, the director and the president. Song Zhiping, the chairman of CNBM Group, was elected the founding president of WCA unanimously. Meanwhile, he became China’s first president of world-level association in large infrastructure industry. Chinese cement industry formally entered the center of the world stage, moreover, it became the rule marker of the industry instead of the onlooker.

  The first intelligent plant of Chinese cement industry was established in Quanjiao

  In March, 2019, China’s first self-developed full-process intelligent plant in cement industry was established and put into operation. The plant took intelligent production as the core, took operation and maintenance as the guarantee and took intelligent management in order to promote development, in addition, in addition, due to the intelligent achievements such as automated operation, visual management, pre-control of malfunction, coordination of total factor and intelligent decision, it realized the shift in old and new forces and high-quality development in green intelligentialize. The intelligent plant inherited Conch Group’s 30-year experience in production, technology and management, as well as integrated international advanced technology of production. Since the operation, workers’ labor intensity decreased by 90% and the eligible rate of samples increased by 50%.

  Chinese cement industry’s highlights will continue to come forth along with the continuously development of Chinese cement business. Ultra-low emission, intelligent upgrade, development of overseas market…Chinese cement practitioners paid tribute to the 70th anniversary of New China with practical action. Certainly, they will keep great enthusiasm to push Chinses cement business towards a new era and realize high-quality development.