Solid waste ecological disposal project of Huaxin Cement (Fangxian) officially started


Updated Thu, 27 Feb 2014 00:00:00 GMT

At nine fifty-eight in the morning of February 15th, cement kiln co-processing municipal solid waste project of Huaxin Cement (Fang county) officially started, which will break the predicament of the county’s "waste siege", and match the solid waste disposal with the city construction pace and the economic development requirements.

With the rapid development of city construction, municipal solid waste has surged, therefore, the waste landfill disposal capacity of Fang county has been difficult to meet the needs of waste disposal. Since the country’s implementation of "planning for main functional areas" and "water diversion" project, it has been increasingly urgent for waste processing technology and facilities construction enhancement. In December of 2012, Fang county People's Government and Huaxin Environmental Engineering Limited signed the "Fangxian municipal waste disposal cooperation agreement". In March of 2013, Huaxin Environmental Engineering (Fangxian) Co., ltd. was formally established. After nearly a year of preparatory work, the project establishment, land acquisition, planning permission and all kinds of report preparation and approval work have been completed one after another.

It is reported that the project construction period will last for eight months. The project is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2014 with a daily waste disposal capacity of 150 tons. Therefore, the project team will take a number of effective measures to ensure the smooth implementation of the project: First is to set up a project construction leading team with He Jianhua as the head, and improve the integrated management of the project construction; Second is to pay attention to construction safety, strengthen the construction process control, promote safety management, safety facilities and operation behavior standardization; Third is to ensure the construction schedule, arrange the construction  time according to the project schedule, ensure specific responsibility to specific people, strengthen the third party contact, make timely response when problems appear, and ensure high quality construction and commissioning at the end of the year.

Huaxin Cement’s use of cement kiln co-processing municipal solid waste can not only partially provide raw material for cement plants, it can also fundamentally promote the municipal solid waste disposal to be harmless, amount-reduced and resourceful, and make larger contribution to constructing an ecological Fangxian and ensuring "clean water sent to Beijing".