Nicaragua:Cemex and Holcim increase local investments to raise production


Updated Tue, 14 Apr 2015 16:35:12 GMT

Nicaragua: Cement companies Holcim and Cemex are increasing their investments in Nicaragua in preparation to supply the volumes required by the country over the coming years.

Holcim Nicaragua has inaugurated a US$10m project that will increase production by 30% and exceed 400,000t/yr. The business now has a new dynamic separator at its plant in Nagarote that will increase production through a more efficient use of raw materials and energy resources. It has also announced a second expansion phase, involving a US$6m investment to increase production by another 30%. The company, which has a 47% stake in the national cement market has ensured that it has sufficient reserves to produce the same volume of cement for 50 years.

Similarly, Cemex Nicaragua is building a US$55m plant in Ciudad Sandino in order to increase its annual production from 440,000t/yr to 800,000t/yr from 2017.